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ECO SHAMBA An Environmental Initiative

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ECO SHAMBA Tree Farm was established in August 2009 as an environmental initiative. The location of suitable, high productive land was searched for. The investment and long term commitment was established on 27 Hectares (68 acres) of land, ex cane paddocks close to Port Douglas, adjacent to World Heritage Rainforest and boarding Crees Creek.

The seasonal creek has high output flowing into the coastal waters with close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef. Port Douglas is a high profile tourist destination. The 2 world heritage listed areas of rainforest and reef is also known as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef.

The land was identified as being ideally suited for permanent rainforest reforestation and Bio Sequestration and to introduce a proven sustainable forestry modelling to international standards. The land site was professionally evaluated by Australia Farm Forestry Pty Ltd, a company based on the Sunshine Coast with extensive local knowledge and intensive work was undertaken on the site including actual planting of Stage 1. This permanent rainforest reforestation is enhancing the exiting unspoilt natural habitat.

Due to the significant amount of water available from catchment and from the adjacent slopes of WHA, a dam was constructed as an irrigation reservoir and improvements to biodiversity of habitat and prevention of current erosion. All materials used in the professional earthworks were utilised or relocated from the site i.e. clay to complete the waterproof lining of the dam.

A master plan for zoning of the ECO SHAMBA site is in place for long term investment in permanent rainforest reforestation, enhancement from existing indigenous rainforest on the site over ex-cane paddocks, improvement of habitat with biodiversity of planting and attraction of bird life to dam areas.

Carbon Offsetting has been established through proven models of Bio Sequestration with Environmental Scientists, Foresters and Botanists actively assisting with Stage 1 planting. Stage 1 permanent rainforest reforestation provides carbon offsetting for a local Advanced ECO Tourism business and the first Climate Action Leader on the GBR. Their core activity is sailing to the Great Barrier Reef, snorkelling with reef and environmental interpretation at the iconic Low Isles.

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Further opportunities for Bio Sequestration carbon offsetting with ECO SHAMBA through local reforestation adjacent to the GBR are available. ECO SHAMBA welcomes appropriate environmentally aware businesses within the GBR to return a positive outcome into the local environment and support reforestation initiatives. Please email expression of interest for a quick response
The above was Authored by: Christopher Deane M.Sc.B.Sc.Dip.Ed / CEO Australian Farm Forestry Pty Ltd
ECO SHAMBA Environmental Scientist and Botanical Consultants

Eco Shamba - What's in a name...
Eco word used to reflect the focus on Environmental Initiatives and the word Shamba from Kiswahili, East African language means ‘farm, field or plantation, usually recognised to be the closest thing to a person after their family. A Shamba is also is a sustainable and mostly self sufficient provider, efficiently and personally nurtured with minimal waste, often the centre and livelihood for a family requiring long term commitment and attention.

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